Thursday, November 10, 2011

Diluadid Deficiency

The symptoms can vary but include:
  1. Chest pain that is difficult to describe that radiates through your back, down your flank, to your left ankle, and back up your right leg to your neck, and back to your back.
  2. Often times, the pain may radiate from the chest through the outer layers of your scalp to the other side of your neck.
  3. The pain may also not be described as a "chest pain", but rather a non-descript "pressure" sensation that does not match any physiological or anatomical possibilities.
  4. The patient will usually say that the pain is similar to a previous episode of DDA chest pain that was only relieved by diluadid.
  5. Patients will also state that the oral/pill form of diluadid has not worked in the past and that they need large IV doses.
  6. Patients normally know the exact dose that would relieve their pain.
  7. Patients may appear comfortable and not distressed, but as soon as a nurse or physician walks by, the pain becomes excruciating and the patient may writhe and scream in pain. You don't want to miss this finding, similar to white coat hypertension. But it's white coat DDA.

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